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Make Your Sophomore Year Extraordinary!

The Ecology School is for students who want to try something different their sophomore year, something that will make learning come alive, allow them a chance to become a part of something larger than themselves, challenge them to work as a team, and give opportunity to travel to world-class destinations.

We like to call it “a local semester abroad,” blending the best aspects of semester abroad programs with a continued connection to home and family.

There’s a lot to explore here on this website. For starters, watch James’ Story on the YouTube link below. Then spend some time on the website learning more about the program and what you’ll be doing in these amazing 18 weeks.

Sophomore year sometimes carries the reputation for being a “nothing year.” Make yours one of the most important of your life by stepping outside your regular school routines and joining us for a semester of incredible experiences at The Ecology School.

David Koning

Director, The Ecology School

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

– from “The Summer Day” by Mary Oliver